Welcome to Plated Table | A Meat-Lover’s Sample Menu

Here is a sample of the types of meals I can make.  I cooked this last week for a family of 7. Each meal is packaged in glass pyrex – making it super easy to reheat – and labeled.  Though the menu below contains mostly meat dishes, I myself am a vegetarian.  Using Plated Table means you get to eat what you want to eat – so if that means meatless, vegan, meat-lover, or even gluten free, we can work it out.


Monday – Free range Chicken pot pie with a drop biscuit topping and crisp side salad
Tuesday – Sesame baked chicken thighs with honey-glazed carrots and white rice
Wednesday – Meatless southern black beans with garden salsa, roasted bell peppers, slices of avocado, and brown rice
Thursday – Bacon-wrapped meatloaf with a side of locally grown creamed spinach and classic mashed potatoes
Friday – Spaghetti with creamy bolognese sauce and a fresh chopped salad


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