7 Days of Omnivorous Eating

Sprinkling a few meatless meals into the week not only increase the health of your meals.  It can also decrease food costs, cut down on the carbon footprint of the meal, and introduce new flavors and textures to the table.  There are so many reasons to have one or more meatless meals a week.  Below is a sample menu of how one could eat meatless every other day of the week.


Monday – Cheese and spinach stuffed pasta shells with a homemade marinara sauce and side salad

Tuesday – Wine-braised chicken legs with roasted broccoli and brown rice pilaf

Wednesday – Vegetable stir-fry with a soy glaze and white rice

Thursday – BBQ ribs with macaroni and cheese and steamed collard greens

Friday – Mexican lasagna with an avocado, tomato, red onion, and romaine salad tossed in a lime vinaigrette

Saturday – Salmon burgers with homemade buns and a side of carrot fries

Sunday – Roasted tomato soup with whole wheat rolls and side salad


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