Late Spring Sample Menu

After learning a bit about a client’s preferences, I give 7 options for them to choose from when designing their weekly menu.  Here is an example of just that.  Most clients go for 5 meals a week, four servings each.  All of these freeze perfectly and require very little work to reheat.  I love including a la carte add-ons.  Here I included a breakfast and dessert option. Bon appetite!


1. Chicken dish – Sesame-soy glazed chicken thighs with steamed farmers market vegetables tossed in an asian dressing and jasmine rice (GF, LF, DF)

2. Sandwich dish – Hamburger patties made with We farm beef, homemade buns, local Swiss Valley cheddar cheese, and sweet potato fries (GF without buns)

3. Pasta dish – Roasted beets and pasta bowties on a bed of orange zest and sage infused ricotta with a side salad (V, GF option)

4. Vegetarian dish – Baked and lightly breaded eggplant parmesan (pictured) with garlic bread (made on a bagguette from Muddy Fork Bakery) and side salad

5. Soup dish – Rhodes farm beef chili with 4 types of chiles and pinto beans and a loaf of cornbread (GF)

6. Kid’s pick – Oven-baked chicken fingers with a cherry tomato salad and fresh, chunky applesauce

7. Meat lover’s pick – Bacon wrapped meatloaf with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and side salad (GF)

Breakfast option – farmers market strawberry parfaits with almond granola from Muddy Fork Bakery

Dessert option – Dark chocolate fudge brownies (pictured below)



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